The eCig Revolution Is Upon Us

You heard it here first, the ecig revolution is upon us, so if you wanna know where to buy electronic cigarette for cheap and easy, then you came to the right place my friends, ‘cuz we have all the answers and whatnot.

I hate to get all ‘used car salesman’ with it, but I need to fill the page with some words so that the big G doesn’t get all algo rhythmy with my ass, but seriously if you are sick of smoking regular cigarettes and wanna try a smokeless vaping lifestyle then check out some of our supporters.

Much has been made about whether or not electronic cigarettes are any healthier than the regular stuff we’ve been forcing down our lungs for so many decades, and I say DUH to that. The fact that the smoke has been turned into water vapor should have been your first clue, right?

And they taste a hell of a lot better than a pack of Marlboro Reds or even worse, some menthol crap you’ve been using. The choice is simple really!

So, I’m gonna ramble on and on espousing the benefits of this stuff until I hit a magic number of words. The cool thing is that nobody is ever gonna read this post and if they do then it just means that a manual review is underway and to that person I say go fuck yourself, stop messing with the little person who is just trying to find a nut online!

Yeah yeah, vaping is great, blah blah blah and if you don’t think this counts as original content then you will have to define that for me someday cuz I’ve been writing my whole life about all sorts of shit and now I am writing about ecig deliciousness!

Enjoy and have a splendiferous day, yo!



We Hate Bed Bugs!

You heard it here first, bed bugs are evil. Not only that, but they seem to be everywhere but hardly anybody is talking about them. What’s up with that, huh?

Well, we know the secret to killing bed bugs and we will share it with you.

Guess what, it doesn’t have to cost you a ton of hard earned cash either, and you certainly don’t need exterminators or pest control companies to get involved. The folks at this site know what time it is when it comes to these blood sucking parasites…

The best way to kill them is by using heat, but that’s an expensive treatment option that will easily run into the thousands of dollars range.

The next best way to get rid of them is by simply removing yourself from the food chain and starving them to death. The can go a while without food, but not forever!

Next just put down some food grade diatomaceous earth around the beds in the home. No need to dust the whole house ‘cuz they’ll run into it as they head for their feeding ground and then they’ll die a horrible death.

It’s that simple really and you can see that it won’t cost all that much money and you can do it yourself with products purchased at a garden center or even online. Don;t be afraid to read a little bit more on the topic by visiting this great site and seeing how you too can learn how to rid your home of these pests!

bed bug

You can read more about the scourge of these insects by clicking this link right here

Kindle Books

Wanna find some cool Kindle books to read on your handheld device? Then you’ve come to the right place, because we know plenty of sites that promote self published authors and whatnot.

Here’s one of ’em…

Plucky Penguin Publishing